Friday, April 6, 2012

Cushion covers

I have more cushion covers but they are either unfinished or unstarted. It's not worth putting them on here with so much other more interesting stuff.

Aprons - people

These are among my favourite aprons; the stitched areas that are completely filled in leave me floored. So much work, it must have taken many hours.

This half apron was one of many that my husband's Mum gave me some years ago. It isn't embroidered, but I've included it here because to me it represents the quintessential 1950's!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Aprons - events

This is commemorating the centenaryof South Australia.
This apron is very unusual; I have wondered if it was designed by someone as a one-off, or was it a printed pattern?

Captain Cook's Cottage - not an event; more of a commemorative apron. It must have a story behind it but I can only imagine the truth. It has obviously been stitched by two people - one experienced and one learner. Some of the stitching is perfect, and the rest is rather awful! I think Mother might have been teaching her small daughter to embroider, and this is the result. It's never been quite finished, and I am leaving it as it is.

Aprons - animals and birds

Embroidered Tea cosies.

I have about sixty tea cosies, but these four are the only ones that have Australian motifs on them. Bought on eBay.