Saturday, September 8, 2012

The second week.

This week has been busy and exciting on several levels.  I've had a steady trickle of visitors, who have written some lovely messages in the Visitors Book as well as generous donations for the Embroiderers Guild.  Two journalists have interviewed me and sent photographers out to take pictures of me with my linens to accompany their write-up.  Of course the editors may choose not to publish either of them, so I just have to wait for the papers to come out  (Weekly Review and the Northcote Leader).

Adam from Leader Newspapers spent a lot of time looking at the linens - more time than what the usual photographer would, as they usually just want to take their pictures and move on.  Finally he came over and told me he used to work for the Semco Embroidery company back in the 1980's after he left school.  Semco was probably the biggest embroidery company in Australia in the first half of the 20th century, but they closed about 1985.  Adam said he was a screen printer, and he explained to me in detail how the designs were stamped onto the linens.  It was absolutely fascinating, and an incredible coincidence that he should be sent to photograph the linens that he used to produce over 30 years ago.  He actually recognised some of them in my exhibition.

My visitors have been from various walks of life.   Many are friends, and members of the Guild who know me.  My hairdresser who works in an aged care facility brought some of her elderly clients, and spread the word among the other residents, so some of them came too.   Other people saw advertising in magazines,  newspapers, and on the Bundoora Homestead website, and there are the local people who live nearby and come to see all the exhibitions at the Homestead.  Today one lady rushed in to tell me that she and her husband are moving to the country next week, and she is trying to get rid of stuff she no longer uses.   She said she had some old linen cloths, and asked if I would like them.  Turned out they live only a block from our home, so I stopped off on the way home tonight to see what she had for me.  I came away with some exquisite cloths, which I will be washing and ironing over the next 24 hours so I can post photos of them onto my other blog.  I also have a car full of 'stuff' that she was going to take to the opshop, but when I said I work there, I offered to save her a trip and put everything in my car so I can drop them off.  She was very pleased with that!

Last week I gave a talk to 17 ladies from the Mt Waverley VIEW club, and they all said how much they enjoyed it.  Next week I am to do a presentation to 35 people who have booked into the Gallery's "Tea And Talk" session which most exhibitors at the Gallery present while their display is on.  I was surprised to learn that my talk was booked out weeks ago and there is a waiting list!  I love talking about my collection - why I collect linens, and how to clean and store them.


  1. Congratulations on the exhibition Gina--wish I could see it.

  2. Wow Gina! How exciting for you. Your linens are exquisite - I'm blown away by your collection. I especially like the apron (the lady with the orange dress). I wish I could see them all in person. Best wishes

  3. Hello Gina. It was so lovely to meet you today. What a lovely collection of linens. My favourite was the budgie tablecloth in the back corner and the Captain Cook's Cottage apron. How envious I am of all your lovely things. I thoroughly enjoyed myself (I know Melody did too) and can't believe we talked for over two hours! Looking forward to catching up with you soon. Christine

  4. Hi Gina, thanks for sharing your beautiful collection. My mother and I loved looking at the gorgeous pieces. I have posted some photos on my blog

  5. Fabulous to meet you, Gina. We had the BEST time. I can't wait to get together with you again. Your collection is amazing.


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